lacy little luxuries. love.

So I’ve been brushin’ up on current trends for the spring season by visiting blogs every day and even reading magazines. Do people still read those? Anyways, one my managers gave me some Elle magazines for free. How I miss the smell of fresh print!!

People are going to go bare for the spring by wearing lighter and less. I’m excited for the “lingerie” and “lacy” looks to come out, calls it “Innerwear for Outerwear”.  I’m not sure if I am brave enough to rock some neutral or pastel corsets and lacy boy-shorts out in public, but it all looks so beautiful…

Marc Jacobs via Fashionising

More pictures after the link. I think I might be having sushi later on…mmm…my stomach and taste buds are so anxious and excited! Watch out for future sushi posts.

Rosa Cha via Digital Darkroom

A lot of Dior’s Spring 10 RTW (via  is made up of skimpy little goodies.

via Fashion Copious. I love love love love this shot!!


I started to look at places where I can get some goods for cheap. Urban has a Silence & Noise lace and mesh body suit…but it’s sold out and on backorder. I love it, I love it. (This is the only picture I could copy, lol).

I’m pretty sure Forever 21’s Twelve by Twelve line will come out with some lingerie-inspired pieces.  Even though I’m not the biggest fan of F21 (long lines, way too much stuff to look through, unorganized, etc), I will be on the look out for some new stuff..


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  1. i wanted that sheer onesie too!! but my pile of lingerie inspired tops is piling up and it’s too cold to wear them!! that and i’m still mustering up the courage to wear them. haha!!

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