Month: February 2010

greek night

toga party!

baklava for dessert. moussaka for the main!

“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”…but we’re not in order

Every month my girls and I like to throw little theme parties based on different cultures. Greek was this month’s theme, so we went all out and made a few Greek dishes and even our own little togas! To make it even more festive, the girls put on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Instead of plain white togas, we opted for darker colors and we all kind of match, don’tcha think? After a while we got really cold and changed after we ate. I felt sooo bare.

I made baklava for the first time and used a popular recipe (5 stars with 800+ reviews) from Click for more.



mexicano & mis favoritas

Happy Hump Day! I had a sudden craving for Mexican food today, and when I get cravings they must be fulfilled. I’ve eaten so much sushi and pho that I forgot about my first love. Mex isn’t my number one fave these days, but I grew up wanting it all the time. My mom used to bake enchiladas and make beef tacos for me almost every week. I eventually got tired of it, but after tonight I think I’m addicted again. I got some friends to grab dinner with me at Plaza Azteca on Holland.

Camarones a la Diabla w/arroz….so good! Large shrimp tossed in a spicy red sauce w/refried beans. The carne ranchero was also delicious.

I’m not a fan of bright colored clothing, but a bold accessory once in a while never hurts.

New favorite accessories.


proscuitto & arugula

This dish really has no name. In one of my earlier posts, I blogged about my dining experience at Sirena’s Cucina Italiana with pictures of their carpaccio di manzo. Well, a few days ago I was craving it really badly, so I had to reproduce it. Except I didn’t make it the traditional way. The dish calls for thinly sliced raw pieces of beef tenderloin. I wasn’t too confident about preparing “raw meat”….seafood on the other hand…maybe. Instead, thanks to Ronalyn, I discovered a different way to duplicate the flavors without having to deal with all that raw mess.