tuesday treats

After work I stopped by Just Cupcakes since I was craving cupcakes for the longest time. I don’t like to make my own unless I’m baking for a party. They were a quick fix, but I still stay loyal to Georgetown Cupcakes & Crumbs in NYC (I love their giant cupcakes). I was excited because I saw their ‘Pink Snowball’ cupcake on Twitter, however, when I got there all the ‘Pink Snowballs’ were gone. Plus, they only had four flavors out, which doesn’t make sense because their website advertises a lot more than that for Tuesdays. Hmph, sad face. Aside from all that mess, they were still yummy in my tummy.

Fyi, I like to eat them w/milk 🙂



  1. when i first saw this picture i thought you went to georgetown..ahhh..mmm just cupcakes..haven’t had that for awhile..what is the frosting on the one with the green star? it looks lemony.

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