v-day eats

I had a busy Valentine’s Day weekend starting with the “Where’s The Love?” party hosted by my friends Rosalyn, Sheryl, and Jackie. They did a great job with all the food, decor, games, and treats! Theme parties are always fun, plus, I’m pretty obsessed with matching plates and napkins. I’m glad I was a part of it. I brought bacon wrapped asparagus to contribute to the table.

More after the jump.

The hostesses made these cute lanterns and hung them all over the apartment.

They also made these cute goodie bags for all the guests. Thanks Roz, Sheryl, and Jackie! I’m still in the process of eating all my candy 🙂

Valentine’s Day….

I had a quiet dinner in with my Valentine! He made my favorite vegetable of all time…

Garlic green beans. They were so yummy. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the steak tho, oops.

My valentine actually made an entire 3 layer red velvet ice cream cake with cream cheese frosting. This was his first attempt and it was pretty good! I’ve never even tried to make this myself… Bravo!



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