proscuitto & arugula

This dish really has no name. In one of my earlier posts, I blogged about my dining experience at Sirena’s Cucina Italiana with pictures of their carpaccio di manzo. Well, a few days ago I was craving it really badly, so I had to reproduce it. Except I didn’t make it the traditional way. The dish calls for thinly sliced raw pieces of beef tenderloin. I wasn’t too confident about preparing “raw meat”….seafood on the other hand…maybe. Instead, thanks to Ronalyn, I discovered a different way to duplicate the flavors without having to deal with all that raw mess.

I replaced raw beef tenderloin with proscuitto. It tastes exactly the same but just a tad bit saltier. I apologize for the lack of specific measurements. I really just cook as I go along (but no actual cooking required for this).

  • Several slices of proscuitto, tear into smaller pieces
  • Baby arugula
  • Fresh lemons/lemon juice
  • Olive oil
  • Freshly grated parmesan cheese (I like the thick shreds)
  • Salt & pepper

That’s pretty much it. Put the ingredients together as if you are making your own salad, because that’s pretty much what this is. I’ve eaten it for the past couple of days now…I’m addicted!



  1. That looks soo delish. I wish I could premake it and bring it w. me for lunch, but I think this is better eaten fresh.

    1. I actually brought it to work the next day. I made it before I left. Although the arugula doesn’t have the same amount of crunch to it, it was still pretty good! I love it when the lemon juice and olive oil soak the leaves and proscuitto…mmm!

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