I stumbled upon these delicate bits of heaven during a grocery shopping trip at Trader Joe’s two weeks ago. Ever since then I’ve been hooked, and I keep going back for more. But honestly, I don’t know much about macarons. The first time I ever heard about them was a few months ago when I started reading Tartelette. Every time I visited her blog I would always get hungry looking at all the macarons that she made in different colors and flavors. I tried researching places to purchase them near where I live, but I had no luck. I almost ordered some online from Sucre in New Orleans, however, paying for shipping & handling always gets in the way of actually clicking “submit order”.

No doubt those pictured above are cheap: $4.99 for a box of 12 assorted chocolate & vanilla macarons. I almost finished them all during the drive home…

I’ve found places in other cities where they cost as much $40 a box. I hope one day I get the chance to visit Paris and buy some from Ladurée, a pastry boutique that specializes in macarons. I can only imagine the price tag, but I’m sure they will be sooo worth the money. They even come in these fancy boxes:

Photo credit:

They’re too pretty to eat…



  1. i LOOOVE macarons too! i even researched how to make them but i’ve read everywhere that it’s hard. and since i’m not a baker, i’m scared to attempt it.

    buuuut i’ve discovered this lady who makes macarons here in ric. she doesn’t have her own storefront but she sometimes sells at fairs and farmers markets. she also takes orders online. she was taught by pierre herme (supposedly the guy responsible for the macaron craze in paris) so she’s legit. anyway, the shipping prob won’t cost much since she’s here. they are maaaagical. she has this hazelnut flavored one that is to die for!

    check her out at:

    she’s filipina!

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