what i ate this weekend…

watched my mom make ginataan…

feasted some more…

pizza w/mozzarella & ricotta cheese, roasted garlic, and spinach

March is full of birthdays, so I celebrated all weekend at a bunch of food-filled parties. It was good for my wallet too, I didn’t dine out at all 🙂 I also made white spinach pizza with a recipe from Emeril Lagasse. If you want to make this pizza the link is here. The best part of this recipe is the roasted garlic. Roasting garlic definitely a new cooking technique that I’ve tried; the skin comes off so easily and there’s no chopping involved.


The recipe suggests making your own dough but that takes time, preparation, and even practice. Save yourself the hassle and buy ready-made dough. I found prepackaged pizza dough at Trader Joe’s for only $0.99 and it worked great!



  1. MMM ginataan, I haven’t had any in forever!!! I agree, that pizza dough from trader joe’s is the next best thing to sliced bread, seriously. I’ll have to try this recipe next time I’m craving a veggie pizza.

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