Month: February 2014

sugar peony, part 1

This is my first attempt at making a gum paste peony. Not too bad, eh? I finally got dying gum paste down, as you can see in this pretty peachy pink shade.  Constructing peonies is definitely much more time consuming than roses or any other flowers, in my opinion. The process took about two nights since there is a lot of drying time required to get the shape of each petal down.


mini cakes

Why make one big cake when you can make several miniature cakes in different ways…

These aren’t perfect, but they’re a good start. I used varying sizes of cookie cutters to cut the cake and layered each piece with buttercream frosting. A good tip I learned that was very helpful is to bake the actual cake the night before and refrigerate. This helps prevent crumbs. I can’t even imagine the mess I would’ve caused if I didn’t start the night before.

sugar rose, part 2

My rose formation progress is coming along slowly. I finally got around to trying pre-made gum paste, which is typically recommended for flowers, but I actually prefer working with rolled fondant. Fondant stays moist way longer than gum paste, which means I can take my time and not rush. That was until I made my own gum paste mix. Gum paste, whether you mix it yourself or not, still dries out pretty fast.  What helps is if you lay each petal (as soon as it’s cut with a cutter) on plate covered in plastic wrap.

I purchased pink pearl dust at the arts & crafts store, and I love it! I realized after the first few minutes to use very little dust as a little goes a long way. It really reminds me of eyeshadow. I can’t wait to get other colors.

After the flower pictured above, I made a two-layer vanilla “petal cake” with buttercream frosting. I made most of the petals the night before, so that they could dry and be painted the morning after. And yes, it is as time consuming as it looks, but the outcome is so pretty!  Each petal is different from the shape to the colors.  As you can see, I went a little heavy on yellow luster dust on some of the petals.