corn chowder + scallops + bacon

Hello, again.

I haven’t touch this blog in nearly 4 years. I made the decision to stop blogging then due to personal reasons, but I feel like bringing it back from the dead. My camera and writing skills are non-existent right now, and to be honest, I haven’t used my dslr in years either. Ever since I got an iPhone and Instagram came out, I used those two for everything including food, personal pictures, and vacations. Having an iPhone made things and LIFE easier. But, it also made me lazy.

I cook a lot more than I used to. Just never anything different and exciting. About 2-3 years ago, I joined a gym and became addicted to a healthy lifestyle, which included clean eating. I started cooking simple and less appealing dishes that were made out of only less than five ingredients. I watched everything I ate and got really skinny. I was never overweight, but I wasn’t happy with my body. Today, I’m still concerned with eating well and exercising consistently, but I’ve learned to balance being disciplined and treating myself.

I want to improve my culinary skills, learn different techniques, and try cooking things I’ve never tried before. I want to make a seven layer rainbow cake from scratch. An authentic Sichuan dish. Bolognese sauce. Different hors d’oeuvres for parties. Paleo dishes that aren’t boring and typical. And so on.

The other day I made corn chowder with scallops and bacon using a recipe I found from Food & Wine. Cooking scallops is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I put it off for so long because 1) scallops are expensive and 2) I was scared I was going to wreck them and waste all that money I spent. I went to three grocery stores to find scallops that were a reasonable size. Whole Foods has U/15 ¬†scallops for $22.99 a pound. Fun fact: the number means how many units of scallops it would take to reach a pound. A U/10 scallop is much larger than a U/20 scallop. Typical grocery stores like Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter carry U/20 or U/30 scallops for about $13 a pound. These are tiny bay scallops and are not like the scallops that you would get at a restaurant.

I learned that prepping scallops is soooo much like making the perfect pan fried steak. Both have to be very dry before you season them with freshly grind sea salt and black peppercorns. Do NOT use table salt and pepper. So, so wrong. After your pan is super hot with olive oil and melted butter, sear each size for about a minute or a minute and a half until it’s golden brown.

See recipe here.

And here’s the final product!