mini photo sesh, dockside, and mother’s day

Hello readers 🙂 I apologize for not having any food-related posts lately. Not that I haven’t been eating well, I just haven’t been in the picture taking mood until this past weekend. I celebrated my friend’s birthday at Dockside Inn right by the water…twas beautiful! I had a mini photo session beforehand, and today I took my mom out for Sunday brunch at Baker’s Crust for Mother’s Day.

Fyi…this post is photo heavy..

We were seated right on the dock. It was quite windy and chilly, but the live music and atmosphere made up for it.

Sheryl ordered the N.Y. Steak & Stuffed Shrimp and I ordered the Dockside Scallops. I loved the cocktail sauce!

Mom’s Shanghai Chicken salad & sandwich

Belgian Waffle w/strawberries.


weekend update…

I haven’t been paying as much attention to my blog as I should have, so I thought I’d leave you all a quick recap of my week/weekend in pictures. The past two days I have celebrated one of my friend’s birthdays, which has left me very occupied and very tired! A few days ago, my bffs and I made Bailey’s Irish Cream cupcakes…

orange crushes at Waterman’s…

mini reunion with old friends…

shrimp ceviche tropical & dreamsicle margaritas

I had a great weekend thanks to all my friends. 🙂


Spring is finally here and I’m actually excited to embrace the warm weather and all its pollen. It’s still my least favorite season, but I’m ready to move on from such a harsh winter (especially since it ruined my skin). I guess the only reason I favor fall/winter over spring/summer is because I get to wear layers, boots, scarves, etc. Plus, I feel better when I’m fully dressed!

One of my best friends and I went to the beach yesterday to hang out and have a mini photo sesh. I was a little bit over dressed in my all black get up, but that’s okay. Traditional beachwear is not for me! =p

so excited to be drinking belgian chocolate & bailey’s irish cream milkshakes!!

greek night

toga party!

baklava for dessert. moussaka for the main!

“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”…but we’re not in order

Every month my girls and I like to throw little theme parties based on different cultures. Greek was this month’s theme, so we went all out and made a few Greek dishes and even our own little togas! To make it even more festive, the girls put on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Instead of plain white togas, we opted for darker colors and we all kind of match, don’tcha think? After a while we got really cold and changed after we ate. I felt sooo bare.

I made baklava for the first time and used a popular recipe (5 stars with 800+ reviews) from Click for more.