new york city

ny pt.3 – delicatessen

Here’s my final post from my mini getaway.

I really wanted to eat pizza at this one restaurant, but when we got there they were still closed. I was so hungry, and I couldn’t wait anymore. Luckily, we were a block away from Delicatessen and that ended up being our last resort. The whole entire environment of the restaurant reminded me of Cafeteria, an old favorite of mine, so I asked our waitress if Delicatessen and Cafeteria are sister companies and they are!

I was debating for a long time if I wanted something salty or something sweet… I hate choosing between the two! I ended up ordering a chicken salad sandwich with cole slaw, which was pretty amazing.

Stopped by a small park near SoHo before we left….felt like taking a picture of my shoes…

That’s pretty much it. Ever since then I haven’t been eating out or cooking as much. But I do have something coming up…

I’m going back to NY in June so expect more food photos to come ๐Ÿ™‚


ny pt.2 – kunjip & spot

After lunch, hours of shopping, and walking around Herald Sq, we wentย  to Ktown for dinner. I love me some Korean food. I think I’m always eager to eat some every time I visit because I don’t get Korean food like that at home. I’ve been to a couple restaurants on the block, but I can’t remember any of them. I also don’t know how to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones. I usually just walk into one and find out later. There was one restaurant called Kunjip that was packed and had a line going out the door, so we decided to go there!

The best frozen yogurt in the world was next door, so we made a visit…

After dessert, we had more dessert at Spot Dessert Bar on St. Mark’s Pl. They serve cupcakes, seasonal dessert tapas, ice cream, and bubble tea! You can get 3 dessert tapas for 2 people for $19.99.

yuzu eskimo

white miso semifreddo

chocolate banana pudding

killed it!

ny pt.1 – kittichai & cupcakestop

Hi folks.

I’ve been busy the past week, so I haven’t been able to update till now. I made a quick trip to NYC this weekend, and I have plenty of pictures to share! I’m going to break my trip down into several posts because I don’t want a photo overload for just one post. Plus, it’ll keep me busy the next few days…

As soon as we got in we settled down near Wall Street, grabbed breakfast at Starbucks, and then began shopping in SoHo. I made reservations for lunch at Kittichai, a Thai restaurant on Thompson St. that I’ve been meaning to eat at for a while. Let me just say that the food was great, the service was superb, and the decor was sooo nice. However, I’m a little upset that I missed out on the $20 brunch w/unlimited bellinis and mimosas. How did I not see that on the menu?!

getting to the food, don’t worry…

Northern Thai beef salad for the appetizer. Sooo flavorful.

Kittichai Pad Thai

pineapple braised short ribs in green curry, Thai eggplant, and sweet basil

Jasmine flan on a sweet & sour fruit salad w/Jasmine rice ice cream. The ice cream tasted like a flower, but a delicious flower…

Came across this…I heard about it on Twitter but I can’t remember from who…but we got the red velv & the nutella cupcake ๐Ÿ™‚ Yummy. Only took me two bites to finish one!

More to come later…