Month: January 2010

snow day

It has been snowing all day, leaving me with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Dinner plans were postponed due to the weather, so I chose to make dinner for myself. I rarely do that since I’m living at home again. I made simple and easy chicken parmesan, topped with fresh romaine lettuce and lemon vinaigrette. It was delicious and fast! Btw, that bunny up there is my little Gucci Mane.

More pictures ahead.



balancing the good & the bad…

Okay…maybe the sushi I pick isn’t all that great for me, but it’s gotta be better than pizza and hot dogs, right?

Then comes my 3 a.m. snack. How can you deny chicharon with vinegar?  And a bottle of coke? Guilty.

I’m looking forward to Jerilyn’s birthday dinner tomorrow night at Havana. I hope it doesn’t snow too much! Sad face.

More pictures!


lacy little luxuries. love.

So I’ve been brushin’ up on current trends for the spring season by visiting blogs every day and even reading magazines. Do people still read those? Anyways, one my managers gave me some Elle magazines for free. How I miss the smell of fresh print!!

People are going to go bare for the spring by wearing lighter and less. I’m excited for the “lingerie” and “lacy” looks to come out, calls it “Innerwear for Outerwear”.  I’m not sure if I am brave enough to rock some neutral or pastel corsets and lacy boy-shorts out in public, but it all looks so beautiful…

Marc Jacobs via Fashionising

More pictures after the link. I think I might be having sushi later on…mmm…my stomach and taste buds are so anxious and excited! Watch out for future sushi posts.


mary rocks

Jeffrey Campbell’s for $118

Amazing. I can’t stop looking at them. Now I just need my feet to grow a size and a half bigger! Then I’d be a click away from a new pair of shoes.

Everyone says they’d rather have small feet. Who are they kidding? They have no idea how hard it is to find the perfect pair… Bless all the little girls who struggle.

sirena cucina

Ronalyn and I love to wine and dine. This week is Norfolk’s ‘Restaurant Week’, and we decided to take advantage of the special deals, plus we never really get to hang out anyway!

The menu at Sirena’s was more expansive than other participating restaurants, so it was difficult for us to choose what to order. We both got the carpaccio di manzo as an appetizer. I ordered the polla alla romano (as pictured above) for my entree and panna cotta for my dessert.

More pictures ahead…